Terms and Conditions of Use

Please note the Data Protection Statement and the Terms and Conditions of Use of Facebook. Compliance with these is mandatory. Our aim is to foster friendships.

We will not tolerate abusive behaviour towards and/or harassment of our members and users in any circumstances.

Users expressly recognise existing copyrights (e.g. with regard to photographs, texts, graphics, source codes etc.) and will refrain from any activity which may result in a breach of such copyrights. We accepts no warranty and/or liability and/or guarantee for any consequences which may ensue from the use of our applications.

In the event that our applications suffers any loss from behaviour on the part of users which contradicts the present rules, users herewith provide an assurance that they will indemnify our applications against the financial disadvantages of any such loss by making immediate payment upon receiving first notice so to do. Users may be exempted from such an obligation to provide compensation upon production of proof to the contrary, i.e. in the form of relevant evidence and documentation. Users are required to notify us without delay of any legal infringements. Such notification may be made via the contact form or directly by e-mail. In the event of identification of infringement or breach, we reserve the right to block the application without delay, notify Facebook of such an infringement or breach or cancel block and delete the account. We may be terminated at any time without prior announcement, without any requirement to state reasons and without requirement to comply with any deadline. All our services are provided under the express proviso that the rules stated above are recognised are complied with.


We reserve the right to amend or supplement the present Terms and Conditions of Use as necessary or to remove parts of the present Terms and Conditions of Use at any time. We will publish notification of any such amendment on this site. For this reason, you should visit the website on a regular basis in order to obtain information regarding the latest status of the Terms and Conditions of Use.

The current status is dated 01/09/2012.

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